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Dapper Dan Products Are The Real Deal!

Create your signature look with their pomades and pastes. From a pefectly styled part to a messy rugged look, your hair will keep its lasting hold all day and is easily washed out each time you shampoo. Dapper Dan’s versatile and lovable styling products are available to modern gents at

The Dapper Dan hair styling line was born out of frustration in the year 2011. The founders could only find products in the industry that were less than adequate for gentlemen to fulfill their hair styling needs. The products were developed over a ten year period by professionals in the trade who were steadfast in designing a unique range of styling products.

In 2012 the launch of their signature Matt Paste, quickly became the star of their soon-to-be line of matt pastes, clay and pomades that men could now experience.

Hair Care Product videos available on each product page.

Matt Paste.
Messy styles, quiffs, partings, this universal styling paste does it all. Strong yet flexible hold with a smooth and easy application. Fragrance: Vintage Cologne

Matt Clay.

Dapper Dan Matt Clay offers a strong hold with a fantastic matt finish. Washes out first time, every time. Fragrance: Smoked Saffron and Leather

Heavy Hold Pomade.
Oil Based yet water soluble, this stuff is a perfect blend of ingredients offering heavy hold and shine. Washes out first time. Fragrance: Liquorice and Vanilla

Deluxe Pomade.
Due to being water based, Deluxe Pomade offers the hold and shine of other oil based options, while washing out of your hair instantly. Fragrance: Citrus and Vanilla

Ultra Matte Clay. This super hold clay does exactly what it says on the tin, offering immediate grip and hold combined with a long lasting, “ULTRA MATTE” finish. Fragrance: sweet and subtle, with notes of vanilla and raspberries.

Ultra Matte Texture Dust.
This super hold clay does exactly what it says on the tin, offering immediate grip and hold combined with a long lasting, “ULTRA MATTE” finish. Fragrance: sweet and subtle, with notes of vanilla and raspberries.

Matte Creme.
Dapper Dan Matte Crème is a light hold styling cream that offers all-day long matte texture and hold. Convenient airless pump dispenser with a non-sticky application. Fragrance: fresh and masculine.

Sea Salt Spray.
Use Dapper Dan Sea Salt Spray alone or with your favorite Dapper Dan Styling product. Use on damp hair and leave dry or blow dry it into hair for thickness. Fragrance: Classic Sandalwood Scent.

Grooming Products

Grooming Tonic.
Dapper Dan Grooming Tonic contains Argan Oil and Witch Hazel to condition the hair whilst adding volume and texture.  Fragrance: Vanilla and Tonka Bean.

Handmade Styling Comb. Saw cut and hand polished to perfection, this comb provides a smooth glide through the hair and offers a gentle non-scratch treatment of the hair and scalp.  6  11/16″ by 1  3/16″.

Facial Hair

Beard Care Products

Some men truly don’t understand what it takes to grow and maintain an epic beard or mustache. Add to that…. every Tom, Dick or Harry selling a beard product will tell you they have the very best…. just what you need…. until you start breaking out with beard acne! Beard acne is a direct result of using poor quality products that tend to use synthetic fillers instead of real essential oils and natural ingredients.

Price does matter. Top quality ingredients should cost more than some synthetic ingredients, which are only being made to be sold to customers at the bottom or low end price range. You’ll never see them bragging about how great their product is or how well it works! They’re always going to talk about the bottom line which for them is price.

So…if price is the big selling feature you’re looking for, then Dapper Dan Brand is not for you. Dapper Dan products will always use the top quality ingredients produced with the understanding that we are not wanting to be the cheapest…..just the best.

Beard Oil.
Dapper Dan Beard Oil is a luxury blend of essential oils that softens and nourishes the beard and skin. Fragrance: Classic Vanilla and Tonka Bean.

Beard Balm.
Dapper Dan Beard Balm is the latest addition to the beard grooming range. An expert blend of essential oils and waxes, to help shape, style and nourish your moustache & beard. Fragrance: Vanilla and Raspberries

Body Care

Cleansing Products

Lemongrass & Limes Vegetable Soap.
100% pure, vegan-friendly vegetable bath soap. Featuring a delightfully fresh Citrus scent to leave you feeling clean and refreshed. 190g Vegan Friendly.
Fragrance: Lemongrass & Lime

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Hair and Body Shampoo.
Dapper Dan Hair & Body Shampoo cleanses the hair and skin gently, whilst offering a luxury feel and classic scent. Can be used daily, contains Vitamin B5 to strengthen and protect the hair.